WILDERNESS WISE                


Sheryl Olson began her wilderness adventures as a young girl when her father took her with him on his camping, fishing, hunting, and horseback riding trips.  She has continued to be very active in the out of doors and spends her free time backpacking, back country skiing, road and mountain biking, scuba diving, and trekking in remote areas of the world.

Sheryl is an instructor at multiple wilderness medicine conferences and teaches air medical safety and survival for flight crews annually.  She teaches and guides on adventure trips trekking to places such as Machu Picchu, Patagonia, and Everest Base Camp.

She has been a critical care nurse for over 30 years.   Eighteen of those years were spent flying in an air medical rescue helicopter in Colorado.  She has also been an educator throughout her nursing career teaching wilderness medicine, flight crew safety and survival, and navigation. 

Sheryl and her husband, Larry Moore, live in Manitou Springs, Colorado.  Larry is an emergency physician for over 30 years. They often are able to travel together and team teach and guide on many wilderness adventures trips.

She volunteers time fitting wheelchairs for children in Guatemala and providing medical care to Maasai people in Tanzania.

See you out there!

If you are interested in attending a conference please go to the Wilderness Teaching Activities tab. If you want to plan your own small group wilderness adventure, please contact contact Sheryl.