Footsteps of Buddha in Midnight Blue

The lotus flower holds spiritual symbolism. It opens one petal at a time and represents purity of the body, mind, and speech. It represents awakening and enlightenment.  You are on the path.  A Buddha head is on each side of the lotus flower. The bracelet is made with two 5mm wide lengths of  beautiful metallic leather.  The color is a rich midnight blue. The Hamsa Hand design on the strong magnetic clasp completes the bracelet and honors your journey.

Metallic Leather: Made in the European Union of top quality cow leather hide

Sliders and clasp: 

Zinc plated with 99.9% sterling silver

Origin: European Union

Free of lead, nickel, cadmium.


"O" Rings are latex-free rubber

Footsteps of Buddha in Midnight Blue

  • Measure your wrist and add  3/4" to 1" to your wrist size when purchasing 10mm bracelets.

  • Silver can be buffed with a silver cleaning jewelry cloth. Remove bracelet before bathing or swimming. If leather detaches from clasp over time, simply re-glue.  I suggest using Gorilla Super Glue. Any strong glue that bonds with leather and metal will work.