Purity and Protection

A white lotus flower depicts purity.  The opening of the petals of the lotus flower is considered to be the opening of one's heart. The Hamsa hand symbolizes protection and helps to ward off negative energy. Five strands of flat leather are braided together to create a 10mm wide bracelet. The strong magnetic clasp with a Hamsa hand design completes the bracelet. 

Flat Indian Braided Leather:  This flat leather is made in India using top quality cowhide. 

Sliders and clasp:

Zinc plated with 99.9% sterling silver

Origin: European Union

Free of lead, nickel, cadmium.


"O" Rings are latex-free rubber

Purity and Protection

  • Measure your wrist and add  3/4" to 1" to your wrist size when purchasing 10mm bracelets.

  • Silver can be buffed with a silver cleaning jewelry cloth. Remove bracelet before bathing or swimming. If leather detaches from clasp over time, simply re-glue.  I suggest using Gorilla Super Glue. Any strong glue that bonds with leather and metal will work.